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Day 1 of 40 DAY| Diet, Detox and Heal the body | Wellness Journey

Written by on January 16, 2017

You’re listening to The Apothecary Farmacy, you wellness coach Natasha Cherry.  I have over 25 years of holistic experience, and I will save you both time and money; from how to use our organic and natural products to how to lose weight.  We have a philosophy it will work if you do it. It’s that simple, as you will see. I love creating simple solutions. Life is complicated enough.

The first episode is Day 1

  • Introduction to the 40-day- If you’ve never done a 40 day wholistic journey this is a simple abridged version that EVERYONE can master
  • Holistic Journey will help you transition into a healthier lifestyle
    • Raw Food Lifestyle
    • Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle
    • 1 day a week Meat Lifestyle
    • 2-4 oz a day of Meat lifestyle
  • Weight Loss Journey- This journey will help most people loose between 20-30 lbs, and help them transition into a healthier lifestyle. For those with more than 30 lbs to loose, you can repeat this 40 day wellness journey or transition into one of our healthier lifestyle choices
  • What you need to get started- Get your list together of what you need to begin your wellness journey.
    • 7 Gallons of Distilled Water
    • Castor Oil
    • Castor oil pack
    • Organic Coffee
    • Hot Water Enema Bag
  • Defining your goals is a great way to monitor and celebrate the process that you have made along your journey.
  • Day 1 add – Walking after Dinner is a game changer and often yields better results that 2 hours of hard workout in the morning.
  • Day 1 take-away- All refined white flour products, sugar and processed foods

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