Whether you like Trump or Hate Trump, Donald Trump is getting credit for one thing: He is reshaping the way other states and the world interact with America and with one another. If you can get past the negative impact his rehetoric has had perhaps you can see its not all bad. The president’s rhetoric — and to a lesser but still noteworthy extent, his policies — have constituted a marked break with the post-World War II tradition in American foreign policy. Trump’s America First worldview often rejects the idea that the United States can best protect its own interests by underwriting a broader global order in which like-minded states can thrive, and instead advances a more zero-sum approach to global affairs. And while the president’s policies have so far been less extreme than his ideas, his administration has nonetheless retreated from global leadership on issues from trade to climate change, cast doubt on the U.S. commitment to NATO and other alliances, and managed—largely through Trump’s own behavior — to disrupt relationships with countries from Mexico to Australia and beyond. America has always bailed out the global communities. But, Trump ushers in change with his #AmericaFirst attitude and while you might hate his politics. Americans are not arguing with the #AmericaFirst movement that Trump has started. All this has had a remarkably negative effect on the global public opinion of the United States. It is also causing governments around the world to react to a new era in American statecraft.

Do you support the #AmericaFirst

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