Trump firing leads to war with Omarosa and its impact

Trump-Omarosa feud rooted in her allegations of racism.

Controversy and Donald Trump are synonymous lately. Trump seems to be distancing himself from the black community. His media plots started from the first day he took office. His new addon is a messy feud with his former aide Omarosa. Omarosa Manigault Newman has worked for a decade with Trump and WAS one of the top members of the Trump team who he called “that dog” an African America colloquialism for good friend according to statements released on social media.

The Presidents recent attacked on Omarosa includes belittling comments suggesting that her whistleblowing makes her a low life. This attacks and the decision of firing her was the immediate reaction of Trump against her new book, ‘Unhinged; where she released explosive allegations against Trump and the recordings of his adolescent behavior.

The President also tweeted his response teaches us that media tit for tat the appropriate response. The president is teaching our children that lying is ok as he assures his media audience that he even doesn’t have certain words in his dictionary. 

Omarosa was considered to many to be the liaison to black voters. His denial of the existence of recordings of him was irresponsible. Many believed it forced Omarosa to revealed a phone conversation with the president later referred as ‘not smart’ and ‘wacky’.

Their war of the words concerning sensitive conversations with Trump, expose racial bias expected to be accepted by security people and the senior officials. He has set the standard! This is a culture war of minorities vs privilege. Notice, I didn’t say whites because this is not a white or black war. This is a war on a select few whites who deem themselves privileged for no other reason other than being born a certain race. They lay claim to this country through genocide and prejudice. 

During her series of interviews on NBC, she presented two audio recordings that was recorded while she was employeed at the White House. The decision of hiring and also firing Omarosa might have been a big mistake but a bigger mistake is the media’s coverage of the war!

How this story can have an impact on our own attitudes and wider society. Prejudicial attitudes and beliefs undermine principles of social justice in a liberal democracy. Especially, from a leader that is supposed to represent to the county that democracy. You might think that your kids are used to the media and dismiss the media as you might have learned to but recent studies show the impact on your children can be devastating. You must have a talk, however brief with your children about the headlines. At the dinner table, before bedtime, whenever time allows. These prejudices coming from the President combine with family expectations more than likely produce high levels of stress in kids. As a result, kids report higher incidences of depression and suicidal thoughts than their. After all, if the president of the US believes blacks are worthless there must be some truth to it. The reduction of prejudice is vital for equitable learning environments that foster kids’ academic, mental, and physical health.

The importance of developing their own understanding and finding out the facts, so they can be confident in their own ideas and opinions is vital. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation just a simple question. Have you heard the news about the President firing Omarosa; If they say yes. Ask them what they have heard. Use, 5 minutes to change the narrative of anything negative by reinforcing that while we respect all leaders some leaders show poor leadership. Whistleblowers are protected and no matter how much power someone has no one is above the law and correction.

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