How did the #MeToo Movement Start

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The #Metoo is an online campaign that was launched to support survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. The hashtag that encourages women to stand with each other specifically when it comes to matters concerning sexual harassment went viral in 2017 when a renowned American actress, producer, and activist, Alyssa Milano used it to support her friend Rose McGowan who shared her story of sexual harassment from Hollywood star and Grammy award winner Harvey Weinstein. But the big question is: who is the person behind the #Metoo movement and how did it start?

Who is the founder of #Metoo Movement?

The #Metoo campaign went viral in 2017. However, what many people don’t know is that this campaign started more than a decade ago. The #Movement was started by Tarana Burke, a sexual violence survivor, an activist and a lifelong community organizer. Tarana started this online movement way back in 2006 to help underprivileged women, specifically women of color who are affected by sexual harassment and abuse.

How did the #Metoo movement start?

Tarana Burke started this movement after being inspired by a young girl whom she met way back in 1997 while attending a youth camp. At that particular time, Burke was actually working at the youth camp. After a successful all-girls bonding session, a 13-year-old girl with deep sadness in her eyes privately tugged her aside. At first, Burke did not want to be part of the conversation and even contemplated of walking out but the young girl begged for her attention. The young girl later revealed to her that her mother’s boyfriend had been sexually abusing her. Burke was horrified by her story to a point where she cut the girl off because could not listen anymore. She directed the girl to a counselor for help. However, as a survivor of sexual violence, she knew that she had to do more to help young women of color who are victims of sexual assault and harassment. 10 years later after having the conversation with that girl, she decided to create, a nonprofit movement that focuses on well-being, health, and wholeness of young ladies of color. She named the movement #Metoo.

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