Goggles for Momie little Baby

This next idea is for all the parents of the four-legged

Why Dog Goggles?

There is no question that dog goggles, also known as Doggles, are an important part of maintaining your dog’s eye health. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly in reflective conditions such as near water or in the snow, show signs of UV damage that can slow your dog down prematurely and contribute to high vet bills. Dogs that love to hang their heads out the window or enjoy boat time are susceptible to injury from flying debris as well as dryness issues.

Plus, there is just something inherently cool about a dog wearing sunglasses. There is no doubt that a dog in shades will get you and your dog noticed! This positive attention your dog receives can be one of the very things that encourages your dog to comply with their new look.

Tips and Tricks

Most dogs will adjust to their Doggles after a short period. Here are some steps to make the transition as easy as possible.

  • Make the initial trial with the goggles outdoors. When you put sunglasses on indoors, it is dark and tough to see. This sensation is also true for your dog, which may be frightening and will make them want to take them off.
  • When you first put the goggles on your dog, start walking him around to distract him and make him realize he can see. Praise and reassure him that everything is okay. You might reward him with a favorite fetch toy.
  • Repeat this routine of praise and play time to allow your dog to associate their Doggles with fun and attention. Extend the amount of time in the goggles until your dog accepts them regularly.

Style and Sizing

DogGoggles.com carries a variety of sizes and styles to suit most dogs’ needs. If after a lengthy trial with the above recommendations does not work, consider a different style. Some dogs feel less claustrophobic with a more open style. Others like having a more protected feel, particularly for dry eye issues.Whatever style you choose, you’ll notice the fine craftsmanship and Fido-friendly features designed for comfort and safety!

Our customer service agents will gladly help you with any sizing suggestions or returns: 1-888-633-5504

Photo courtesy of customer Stacey D. from Texas.

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