Dreams Part 2

Learn how to discover your dream pattern using the 14 different kinds of dreams. Discovering your pattern will help you discern your dreams the right way as we use scientific evidence to uncover the biblical truth. People all over the world continually keep track of important dates for themselves and their communities by using calendars. Birthdays count the number of times the Earth has gone around the Sun since a person’s birth.

The celebration of birthdays or anniversaries is also a type of solar calendar. Calendars are cyclical, and people who understand the natural cycles of the Universe are attentive calendar keepers. The Maya were accomplished astronomers, and developed several calendars based on various cycles including those of the Sun, the Moon, and the planet Venus. But, what if your dreams also created A Living Calendar. Lady Love explores the 14 different kinds of dreams to create your personal dream calendar.

Weekly Show: The business and brains of culture wars reshaping America; Lady love host an engaging talk on relevant topics facing everyone, offering a fresh perspective and advice to those who want to go to war with what they believed in order to create a positive change and reshape America.

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