1-Year-Old Dies in Heat

A Nashville father flew out of town on a business trip, and police say he unintentionally left his 1-year-old daughter behind in his pickup truck, a mistake that proved fatal. The man’s wife, Jenny Barker, had gone to work Wednesday believing husband Matt Barker would drop off their two children at a daycare center before catching his flight. Police say he dropped off his 5-year-old child around 7:30am, but forgot his recently adopted daughter in her car seat in his truck, per USA Today.

Katera Barker was later pronounced dead at a hospital, becoming at least the seventh child to die in a hot car in the US this year, per the Washington Post. According to NewsChannel5, Wednesday’s high was 89 degrees, so “the interior of the truck could’ve easily reached between 130-170 degrees.” Police don’t expect to file charges against the father, who flew back home Wednesday evening.


The importance of raising awareness and educating and parents caregivers is paramount to the prevention of injuries and deaths to children in and around motor vehicles.


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