The RVA’s Independent Media Core Values

Core Values

Our core values are designed to change the world for the better, one article after another.  It’s far too easy to give in to the instinctive and protective reactions to events in our world that take the form of dismissal, contempt, fear, despair, and greed. Our values demand difference.

Our values for cultivating the positive responses of dialogue, civility, love, hope, and generosity on topics.

  • Honesty- Integrityvalues — not optional.
  • Fairness- Objectivity and balance — truth and wellness is not just required its expected.
  • Humanity-We are hear to serve. We are dedicated to respect and improve the lives of the communities we serve with compassion and care.
  • Passion-We love what we do and it shows.
  • Ethical -We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We are fair and honor our commitments.
  • Creativity -We challenge ourselves to provide innovative and personal solutions in everything we do.