Huge Tour to Accompany Michelle Obama’s Historical New Book

Equally historic, his wife Michelle’s ascendance to the role of the First Lady has forever changed that office as well.

And now, with the release of her memoirs, “Becoming,” which talks about the immense change that the Obama years brought the United States, there is a turn towards the future of leadership, especially for African American women, among whom Michelle Obama is an icon.

Right off the heels of a historic mid-term election which saw the rise of numerous women of color to political roles, and right in the middle of one of the most polarizing periods in the United States’ history, Michelle Obama’s insights are more valuable now than ever before.

That’s why she is pushing out one of the largest book tours ever to promote her book – as well as her message of continued hope and change for the future.

Already Mrs. Obama is fielding questions about some of the more revealing aspects of the book, such as her struggle with infertility, her relationship with former President George W. Bush, as well as her opinion of current US President Donald Trump.

Initial reports about the book have focused on her struggle to conceive which is an eye-opening revelation for many women who are also struggling with fertility issues. Again, without even knowing it, Michelle Obama showed true leadership in her willingness to openly discuss such personal issues.

Her warm relationship with former President George W. Bush would normally make headlines in any standard administration, but Obama was less than equivocal when talking about her feelings with regards to Donald Trump. Stating that his conspiracies regarding President Obama’s national origin placed her family in danger, Michelle Obama’s feelings are no mystery to the reader.

Largely riding on the coattails of this conspiracy theory all the way to the White House, Trump, for his part, has yet to apologize for any of the insinuations regarding Obama’s birth certificate.

What is truly outstanding, however, is the tour that publisher Crown and Michelle Obama have launched in support of the book. It’s hard to escape an advert for the book and this is quite intentional. Michelle Obama has made it clear that, she’s not only selling a piece of history, but she has a message for the future of the United States as well.

It is rare for a book by a former First Lady of the United States to command such attention, but such is the historic period that the Obamas occupied in the White House. Being interviewed by an array of female leaders as she makes her way across the country, tickets to Obama’s book tour range from $29 to several thousand dollars. Audiences will not only get to hear her speak but also will receive her first-hand insights into the current state of the United States.

As she told Oprah Winfrey, upon leaving the White House with Barack, Michelle said: “That was so hard, what we just did; that was so hard.”




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