RVA Independent Media Aspires To Bring About Change

RVA Independent Media is all set to come up with some new groundbreaking podcasts that will speak about the hate in America. The CEO believes that it is about time that people are encouraged to curb racism and terrorism.

[Richmond, Va] dated November 13th, 2018: RVA Independent Media has created quite a stir in the field of digital media with some powerful podcasts. There are 3 podcast scheduled in a week and they are Beunique Magazine and Radio Show, Till: Helping Youth become successful adults, RVA Independent Media News Hour.

The CEO of the company Natasha Cherry was quoted as saying,I have seen the changing face of the country. Are we really the United States of America anymore or are we rapidly moving to become the divided states of America? Appalled by the status currently, I decided to create some powerful podcasts which could set a befitting example for those who think there is nothing left to do to follow. It’s important to know that everyone can use their voice for change. I know that I am just an individual but sometimes the change begins from a single ripple.

The first segment of the podcast which is the hate in America is going to speak


Contact Person: Nat Cherry

Contact Number: 757-933-5158

Email-id: beuniquemag@gmail.com

Website: http://beuniquemagazine.com/

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