EP2- Children killing Children, The Voice of the Unchurched speak…,The Shackles on our Minds

By Lady Love

In Episode 2 We discuss Children Killing Children and comments by Sportscaster Dale Hensen’s on White privilege after the Florida’s mass shooting, The Separation of Religion and God; Why Americans are abandoning religion in droves and American Slavery; America wants to write its own Exodus Story.

Be Unique Magazine & Radio Show (Music) with Lady Love 02/11/2018 08:00AM to 09:00AM

08:00AM-08:03AM (3:00) Michael Jackson “They Dont Care About Us” from Michael Jackson’s Vision (1996) on unknown

08:10AM-08:14AM (4:21) Macklemore “White Privilege” from The Language of My World on Macklemore

08:20AM-08:23AM (3:16) Sam Cooke “A Change is gonna come” from a man and his music (1996) on RCA

08:30AM-08:33AM (3:00) JIMMY CLIFF “poor Slave” from unknown on unknown

08:55AM-08:58AM (2:31) Leslie Gore “You don’t own me” from Mixed Up Hearts (1963) on Mercury

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