Arist Finds Her Unique Edge

INTRODUCTION: Isabela Vasile is an artist from Romania. She is passionate about all forms of artistic expression. Her latest venture has been into creating beautifully crafted fork bracelets. In this Q&A, we get to know the woman behind the art.

Tell us about the person behind the brand?
In my home country of Romania, I was a published painter, photographer, model and writer. I was on the cover of many magazines as a model and photographer, and I was also featured on many television shows, maybe around 20. You can see my art on the website I can send you some links on YouTube, but they are 20 years old. I use my art to make my clothes. I also wrote 2 books: one on poetry and one on art. I also make natural soap and cosmetics, and I design postcards. My clothes are full print sublimation technique on both sides. This means the picture is imprinted in the fabric so it will never come off. They are all high quality.

Where do you make these things, and what mediums do you use?
I make everything in the store. My jewelry is made from upcycled silver plate and sterling vintage forks and spoons and fimo, clay roses, jewelry, and much more. Rave bras, mirror shoes, jeans bags and I design cloths with my art and pictures.

How is your company reinventing ideas?

My products are different because I use my own creations and designs to make them.

Tell me more about your bracelets make from forks?
Forks and spoons serve as the basis for each piece, and then I add more sophisticated materials like pearls, semi-precious stones, and crystals.

Do you consider yourself a model or an artist?

Above all else, I consider myself an artist. That is my true passion and calling.

How is your brand being different from other brands?

I am an artist and I do paintings. For me, my brand is about art, I print on fabric high quality clothes imprinted with my digital art and paintings. That is something you won’t see anywhere else.

What fashion style describes your upcycle bracelets?

Without hesitation, I’d call it Vintage Fashion.

While we know building a brand is a lot of work, where do you think others can find the fun in your brand?

The fun in my brand is that I am always experimenting to create

new designs. This doesn’t mean the previous design was “bad.” It just means that I am evolving, and my products evolve with me. I will keep changing them until I get the design that strikes me as perfect.

Where can we find you?

My boutique website is

You can also find me at this older site:

CONCLUSION: Thanks to Isabela’s previous artistic experience, she has an advantage over other “newbies” trying to get into the jewelry designing field. Browse her website to check out the amazing innovations she is making with her “jewelry as pieces of art” approach.


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