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RVA Independent Media is Dedicated to the Community ; we are a Family Owned, Community Minded, Reporting on Solutions for Change

A family-owned media company in the RVA area focused on news, solutions and culture; a local magazine, and a independent radio show on several digital platforms and local stations. RVA Independent Media is a mission-driven, small multimedia news organization and radio program producer provider of noncommercial news, information and entertainment programming to the Richmond, Virginia public. We are trying to build a strong base of supporters who understand that the current news is harmful and that faith is under attack, sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, many media outlets present a smug anti-faith face, playing into prejudices that conservative faith-based communities are hateful or stupid. We think the country is headed the wrong way and needs a moral compass; RVA Independent Media employees are conservative on most issues yet they are innovators and developers for change, solutions and answers — exploring new ways to serve the public via digital platforms and improved technologies.

RVA Independent Media is completely focused on gathering up-to-the-minute news, authoritative and unity news and information. Our mission is to develop and promote a new way to deliver the news which will be more satisfactory for our consumers. In a time of media fragmentation and sound bites, RVA Independent Media focuses on its core: community-based in-depth, positive but quality news. RVA Independent Media on-air and online, RVA Independent Media presents wellness, faith-based, independent journalism that examines and airs diverse perspectives. RVA Independent Media journalists strive for mastery of the narrative form, telling stories in ways that transport the audience to the places where news is happening and introducing the people affected.

We highly encourage community-based and professional journalism which inspires RVA residents to keep public good above all else. We ask the tough questions and explore the most controversial and complex topics with fairness, context and editorial independence; from Religious liberty to the moral voice in our society.  We report breaking news and promote community journalism through videos, voicemail, email and social media posts. You can share your ideas of journalism with us we would be delighted to post your opinions and  concerns. 

RVA Independent Media produces news, talk, music, entrepreneur and youth programs, including the BeUnique Magazines. We broadcast hard news in a way which would be easy for our consumers to take. We mix it with features of food, lifestyle, schools, local businesses, city policies, youth concerns and the arts, as well as photo essays, video reports, and whimsical micro stories. RVA Independent Media looks for high-quality programs that add unique value to its residents.

What RVA  Independent Media is doing differently?

 The Community of Richmond Virginia is struggling to make positive change in the society and impact the nation.

We are:

  • Giving the Local community a Voice.
  • Striking a balance between good news and bad. You can trust us because we care about your rights and freedom.
  • Solution oriented media source for change.
  • Developing new strategies that will help younger audiences to understand the nature of the issues on a deeper level.
  • We are providing platforms to RVA residents to gather and debate the important issue.
  • We are encourage youth and citizen journalism

How to Access RVA Independent Media- BeUnique Magazine

BeUnique magazine is available in print free at newsstands and by subscription. Digital subscribers have access to our complete archive, which includes a digital replica of every issue of the print magazine. Beginning March 2019 we will also offer an E Ink edition for Kindle and Nook, editions through Zinio and Texture, and an audio edition of selected pieces from Audm.com and audible.com.

Our Web site, rvaindependentmedia.com, features the full contents of each week’s magazine, plus up-to-the-minute reporting and commentary by your favorite RVA MEdia writers. You can also watch our videos, listen to our podcasts, explore our interactive features.

All readers are able to enjoy the home page, the front page of each section, the video hub, RVA Happenings Town listings, and a limited number of articles per month at no charge before being asked to subscribe.


The RVA Independent Media app, available for free in the App Store, is the best way to stay on top of all of RVA Independent Media’s offerings. Download it to your phone or tablet for a daily blend of in-depth reporting, answers, solutions, cultural criticism, and humor. App users can also opt to receive alerts about breaking-news coverage and major magazine stories.



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