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Unique Culture Wars

“The business and brains of ideas and wars reshaping culture. ” EPISODE 2: A must see before you get Married. Radio Host Lady Love talks religion & science as she explores soulmates. Have your found your Twin Soul? Find out in this weeks hot topic. Part 1 is Soul-mates vs Soul-ties. Part 2 is the… Keep Reading

Trump firing leads to war with Omarosa and its impact

Trump-Omarosa feud rooted in her allegations of racism. Controversy and Donald Trump are synonymous lately. Trump seems to be distancing himself from the black community. His media plots started from the first day he took office. His new add–on is a messy feud with his former aide Omarosa. Omarosa Manigault Newman has worked for a decade… Keep Reading

Sen. Dean Heller In Fight With Republicans Over Nuclear Waste

Senator Dean Heller is in a political war with Republicans over the reopening of Yucca Mountain, a nuclear waste repository situated 90 miles off Las Vegas. The political fight could have come at the right time for Sen. Dean Heller as he bids to woo voters and show his independence. The Nevada senator is the… Keep Reading


Whether you like Trump or Hate Trump, Donald Trump is getting credit for one thing: He is reshaping the way other states and the world interact with America and with one another. If you can get past the negative impact his rehetoric has had perhaps you can see its not all bad. The president’s rhetoric… Keep Reading

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