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Trump firing leads to war with Omarosa and its impact

Trump-Omarosa feud rooted in her allegations of racism. Controversy and Donald Trump are synonymous lately. Trump seems to be distancing himself from the black community. His media plots started from the first day he took office. His new add–on is a messy feud with his former aide Omarosa. Omarosa Manigault Newman has worked for a decade… Keep Reading

Social Media Makes an Impact on Society

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even cell phones! However, today, children are introduced to social media at a very early age, some may even begin creating a digital footprint of their lives before they are out of the womb (have any of your friends announced… Keep Reading

Violence in the Media

Psychologists Study Potential Harmful Effects Early research on the effects of viewing violence on television — especially among children — found a desensitizing effect and the potential for aggression. Is the same true for those who play violent video games? Television and Video Violence Virtually since the dawn of television, parents, teachers, legislators and mental… Keep Reading

Social Media Impact

The growing popularity of social media networks and applications has had many positive and negative implications for society. Social media has revolutionized the way we view ourselves, the way we see others and the way we interact with the world around us. While social media has many positive implications, including promoting awareness of specific causes, advertising… Keep Reading

Is The Media Responsible For Violence In Today’s Society?

The media is not the catalyst for the violence in American society. But it’s hard to deny that television’s photogenic reporters are far Quicker to report a violent story than an act of decency. The growing violence in America is directly linked to the media. Media is clearly a societal flaw that is responsible for… Keep Reading

Catholic bishops say tetanus vaccine laced with Beta- HCG hormone

The huge controversy that has been brewing in Kenya has hit some new levels with some astounding accusations being made concerning the country’s tetanus vaccination campaign. Last month it was reported the Kenyan government commenced a Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Vaccination Campaign, which was designed to vaccinate 2.3 million women and girls of reproductive age between 15-49 years… Keep Reading

Blacks more likely to die from cancer because of vitamin D deficiency, study finally admits

Community-dwelling blacks have lower levels of total 25-hydroxyvitamin D and vitamin D binding protein compared with whites, but similar estimated concentrations of bioavailable 25-hydroxyvitamin D, according to a US cohort study. To avoid overestimating vitamin D deficiency in blacks, methods other than total 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels may therefore be needed, the researchers write in the… Keep Reading

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