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Show Dog 2nd Review

“Show Dogs” is much like the girls flick “Miss Congeniality” but set in a dog show world, and like Miss congeniality will not be everyone cup of tea. Even by the low standards of this type of live-action, family friendly comedy, “Show Dogs” is especially lame. This is not a movie I would take the…

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A.X.L. Movie review

Rated PG WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW Overall I liked this movie for my x16 teenager because it has a messages about the power of kindness, compassion, trust, and loyalty. Parents need to know that A.X.L. is a sci-fi adventure about a teenager named Miles (Alex Neustaedter) and his advanced technology robot “war dog.” The story is similar…

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Show Dogs

Review: Rating from 1-10; 1 being the worst and 10 being the best PG   |   2018   | 92 minutes Talking-animal buddy comedy dogged WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW Parents need to know that Show Dogs is a talking-animal comedy starring Will Arnettas an FBI agent who teams up with Max, a New York City police dog (voiced by Christopher…

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