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Show Dog 2nd Review

“Show Dogs” is much like the girls flick “Miss Congeniality” but set in a dog show world, and like Miss congeniality will not be everyone cup of tea. Even by the low standards of this type of live-action, family friendly comedy, “Show Dogs” is especially lame. This is not a movie I would take the… Keep Reading


Whether you like Trump or Hate Trump, Donald Trump is getting credit for one thing: He is reshaping the way other states and the world interact with America and with one another. If you can get past the negative impact his rehetoric has had perhaps you can see its not all bad. The president’s rhetoric… Keep Reading

Historic Win Could Change the Democratic Party

May 24, 2018 IDEAS Melissa Harris-Perry is a political commentator and scholar, and a professor at Wake Forest University. Dorian Warren is the President of the Center for Community Change Action, the Vice-President of the Center for Community Change, and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. Stacey Abrams made history this week when she won the Democratic primary for governor… Keep Reading

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